So You Wanna Finance a Trailer?

When you need trailers to run your business, financing a new trailer probably makes sense. Many Cleveland-area landscapers, contractors, and even municipalities have found financing trailers helps them manage their cash flow and expenses.

Good Reasons to Finance Trailers or Equipment

§  Free Up Cash Flow – especially important in a seasonal business like landscaping, snowplowing, or pool maintenance, freeing up cash flow allows you to hire the employees you need to get the work done in Cleveland’s rapidly-changing weather.

§  Start Up Sooner, Not Later – Obviously, starting a business when you have no loans and several months’ worth of expenses in the bank is like a dream. Nice, but – hello Reality! When you’re ready to go into business and the market is ready for you, financing a new trailer or key piece of equipment may be the smartest move you can make.

§  Expand when Opportunity Knocks – seasonal work comes in waves, and like any surfer knows, you can’t tell a wave to wait for you. Financing a trailer, commercial salt spreader, or other equipment can allow you to be ready to handle new business when it’s knocking on your door.

Can You Finance a Used Trailer?

In a word, yes. Sometimes it makes sense to look for a used trailer, but often new is your best choice.

Options for Financing Your Trailer

JTI Inc. offers financing for Business, Personal and Credit Challenged customers.  Call and discuss your options with Matt at 440-232-4311

What is the amount of the loan you need?

Sheffield Financing has a $1500 minimum;

New Equipment Leasing has a $2000 minimum with a 10% down payment

Lendmark Financial has a $2000 minimum and requires last paystub, and down payment of 15 to 25%.

What type of loans are offered?

Sheffield Financing offers revolving and installment loans;

New Equipment Leasing allows the business customer to write off principle, taxes, and interest for the duration of the loan.

Lendmark Financial Services offers revolving and installment loans.

New or pre-owned?

Sheffield Financing is available for new trailer and equipment purchases only;

New Equipment Leasing does new and pre-owned trailers as well as snow removal equipment.  Kage snow plow/boxes and Meyer plows and salt spreaders.

Lendmark Financial Services is available for new trailers and equipment only

What are you purchasing?

Sheffield Financing works with customers purchasing equipment and trailers from:

  • CAM Superline Trailers
  • Carry-On Trailers
  • ITI Cargo Trailers
  • Hudson Trailers
  • Discovery Trailers
  • Meyer Snow Plows
  • Doolittle Trailers
  • B&B Trailers
  • KAGE

New Equipment Leasing works with customers purchasing trailers or equipment regardless of make or model.

Lendmark Financial Services work with all brands and manufaturers 

*based on fico score of 750+ with approved credit and business tax id number tax and tags are not included.

For more information

See the Sheffield Financing or Call Matt Polito for answers to commonly-asked questions.