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We offer repairs for all types of the trailers such as cargo, utlity, car haulers, construction, and many more.  In addition, we sevice Myers snow plows and Kage snow management systems. Bring your trailer here for service or maintenance – it will work better for you, last longer and keep you rolling.

Trailer Safety Inspection: Value & Peace of Mind

At JTI, we’re serious about safety. And we can prove it:

Our basic safety inspection starts at just $90.00 for a single-axle trailer. (Call us to quote on your double-axle or construction trailer.)

Avoid Accidents and Tickets with a 26-Point Trailer Safety Check

The Safety Circle Checklist includes a 26-point inspection, rating, and alerts about any potential problems with your trailer’s –

·         Coupler

·         Safety chains

·         Brake actuator and/or Electric Brakes

·         Wiring

·         Jack, Trailer Bed Jack and/or Dampener

·         Tongue Members

·         Front Cross Member

·         Front Clearance Lights & Reflectors

·         Tires (inspect the tread depth, age, condition of sidewalls and valve stems)

·         Wheels and Alignment

·         Suspension

·         Brakes

·         Lights and reflectors

·         License (including bracket & plate)

·         Tailgate (where applicable)

·         Trailer Bed Flooring and Safety Latches

The trailer is inspected in 8 different positions. And you want to talk about value?

Keeping you, your crew, your equipment and everything you haul safe on the road is worth it, period. But for argument’s sake, let’s say it prevents you from getting pulled over for a busted tail light or malfunctioning turn signal. Instantly, you’ve saved more than twice the price by avoiding a ticket.

Let’s schedule your trailer Safety Circle check today