TESTIMONIALS: What Our Customers Say

These are unsolicited comments from some of our customers. We are grateful for their business, and also that they have taken the time to tell us about their experiences.

“Replaced rear axle on site…the next day!”

We were traveling from NY to Cincinnati with our 28 foot tandem axle Jayco camper when the hub on the back axle literally disintegrated. Did I mention that it was 4pm on 4th of July? We called AAA who literally told us were were on our own so we started calling towing companies. No one would help us. We ended up having to leave the trailer in a Walmart parking lot and continue on to our destination. After literally 30 phone calls we were referred to JTI who not only checked on our trailer after business hours but replaced the rear axle ON SITE by 2pm the next day!!! They literally were an answer to our prayers. Ed was a true pleasure to work with AND his staff worked everything out with our insurance company. We couldn’t have been more happy with our experience and would recommend JTI to anyone!!! ~ G.C. Hannay, via Facebook, July 7, 2015

“Couldn’t ask for a better service experience”

(Owner Ed Agoston) was great. Pat was great. I couldn’t ask for a better service experience. ~ Sterling Bradley, April, 2015. See full story on our blog.

“Knowledgeable employees”

Overall I was very happy with my purchase of my Parker (Performance) 5×10′ trailer. Very helpful and knowledgeable employees.” ~ Craig, from Parma

“Quick and professional”

Because of Yelp I was able to find this location and have a trailer hitch installed on our Cadillac SUV. Pricing was extremely competitive and at the end of the day cheaper than U-Haul or any of the local camper/RV dealerships. As noted in the initial review, this is a first come first serve location however with 3 bays and an ample staff they are very quick and professional. I’d highly highly recommend! ~ David G., Streetsboro, via Yelp, July 2015

“Friendly and courteous”

I had JTI install a trailer hitch on my CRV today. They are first come first served, so I was a bit nervous about how long it would take after I called and they said they were busy but they’d get it done. I was pleasantly surprised that they took my car right in. The work was done promptly and professionally. While I was waiting, I couldn’t help but notice how busy that place was…but the best part was how happy everyone was! They were the most friendly and courteous people I’ve encountered in a long time! It was refreshing to see everyone politely and happily taking care of one customer after another all the while answering phones. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Way to go JTI! ~ Deb, Erie PA, via Yelp, April 2014

“Staff resolved the problems”

We all dislike when things go awry; it’s how we handle it that makes all the difference. We are grateful for how you and your staff resolved the problems we experienced. We can understand why you’ve been such a success. Your hard work, professionalism and concern for your customers were evidence of it.with customer service becoming less of a priority, it was a breath of fresh air to see that JTI, a local company, still holds firm to honorable business practices. We will highly recommend your company to my family and friends… ~ The McCartneys, in a letter from July, 2009

“Professional, efficient, expert team”

Professionalism, Efficiency, and Budget are our core values, so we expect the same from our business partners. We have used JTI for many years because they operate under the same standards. We always receive professional, efficient, and cost-effective solutions from their expert team. Thank you JTI. ~ Jason & Mo, CEOs, Precision Corporation

“This is the place to go!”

This is the place to go if you have any problems with a trailer. I bought a trailer and had nothing but problems with it. These guys at JTI took me in like I was family. They made sure that, not only my trailer was fixed and fixed right, but that everything overall was good. I have a 3,000 mile trip ahead of me and am not worried about the trailer any more. They not only fixed my trailer, they gave me peace of mind. Thanks Manny and all the guys there!! ~ Carole L., via YellowPages.com

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