Service Specials

Need new springs or tires? Did you know we make replacement axles?

If you need trailer repair or maintenance or are looking for parts or accessories for your trailer, we probably have what you need. Stop in to our showroom or call 440.232.4311

Are Your Plows Ready To Make Money This Season?

When you put your blades away in the spring, did you clean your plow carriage and blades? Check for corrosion? How do your pumps, fittings, and springs look? Get a pre-season snow plow tune-up and be ready for that first snow!
JTI Snow Plow Tune-Up includes:
  • Degrease all electrical parts & regrease
  • Degrease all wear parts, pins, and connections & regrease
  • Drain hydraulic fluid, clean all valves & refill hydraulic fluid
  • Bleed system of air
  • Clean screens
  • Tighten springs
  • Adjust headlights

Call for an appointment or bring your plow in. Our shop is busy, so don’t wait!

440.232.4311 or request appointment online.

Boat Trailer Maintenance

Repack Bearings • Safety & Electrical Check

Before winter, you need to make sure all water is removed from your bearings. Any water that remains inside will pit and rust your bearings as the trailer sits this winter. Save money and time with a little preventative maintenance – you don’t want to have to replace bearings in the spring! Also, have us check your electrical system, to make sure lights and connections are ready to go for you at the first sign of spring.

Just stop in to leave your trailer for seasonal maintenance, or call 440.232.4311 with questions about what you need to do to prep your trailer for the winter.

Get a hitch-mount bike rack and get rolling, Cleveland!

We proudly sell and install Drawtite and Softride bike racks. We will help you get the right rack for your vehicle, to safely carry your bikes without damaging your car.

No hitch? No problem! Hitch In a Hurry – No Appointment necessary