Safe Trailering

Whether you’re about to buy your first trailer or have been hauling for decades, safety is non-negotiable. The best way to continue enjoying your trailer is to follow best safety practices and mind your routine maintenance. 

Brakes – you can ‘t stop without ’em! Any trailer with a 3,000 lb. GVWR must have a braking system on all wheels. Various types of brakes are required depending on GVWR, and proper installation is critical. We carry a wide selection of brake controllers, testers, breakaway kits, and more. While we certainly want to keep you rolling, we also want to make sure you can stop when you need to!

Safety basics: little details you can’t ignore. Bearings, brake lights, safety chains, and other “little” parts of your trailer deserve attention as much as the trailer body, axles, and bearings. We highly recommend performing a quick but thorough safety inspection of your trailer every day before you get rolling.

Need service or advice? JTI carries a wide range of parts and provides the routine maintenance and service you need to keep rolling, safely.

Accessorize for safety. The right lights, racks, ramps, gloves, safety chains, backup cameras and mirrors (among other things) can make your trailering experience easier, more efficient, and safer. We carry Youngstown Gloves, Fastway Trailer Products, RampArts and Gorilla Ramps, as well as back-up cameras, cartop carriers and myriad other accessories to make whatever you need to do with your trailer as productive and pleasant as possible.

Bad bushings can cost you a BUNDLE! You’d rather replace an inexpensive part (like, less than $1) than pay to replace your tires or repair your suspension, right?Brush up on your knowledge of bushings.

Avoid Dry Rot – Most people watch their treads for general wear, but dry rot is a frequently-overlooked problem that can cause blowouts. Fixing things has a great, short video showing you what to look for.

Know your trailer! No matter what type of trailer you have, make sure you understand the operation of each of its features. Review the manufacturer’s manual for your trailer or check the manufacturer’s website. Trouble locating manufacturer’s safety information? Contact us; we’ll try to help: 440.232.4311

Pulling extra weight and at least 2 extra wheels makes for a whole different driving experience. Read Fastway’s great article on the basics and share it with all your drivers.

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We offer service and safety checks in our Cleveland (Oakwood Village) shop. Want our experts to check your trailer’s operation and systems? Call us to schedule an appointment, or bring your trailer by when you can leave it with us for a few days. You can also request an appointment online.